Urgent: the Lenox Project needs your help!

In the eight months since Boris Johnson made a feasibility study into the Lenox Project a condition of the Convoys Wharf redevelopment, our small team has been working tirelessly to try and ensure that the legal agreements being drawn up will give our project the best chance of success.

These include the Section 106 agreement, which sets out the payments the developer must make to counteract the impact of the development on the local community, and the scope of the feasibility study that will be carried out.

We have attended meetings with the Greater London Authority, Lewisham Council and the developer; we have written many letters, compiled and submitted additional information and commented on draft documents, making clear our concerns about certain crucial aspects of the Section 106 agreement and the feasibility study scope.

Throughout we have expressed our concern that due process is not being followed and that the drafting of the documents is being driven by the applicant, rather than the planning authority.

After all this time we have lost any confidence that the process is being conducted fairly, transparently, or with true impartiality, and so we took the decision to engage a solicitor to investigate the matter on our behalf and advise us of possible options.

But seeking legal advice costs money.

Since establishing the Lenox Project Community Interest Company we have existed on our personal funds, the generosity of occasional donors, and the money from those fund-raising efforts that we have had time to run alongside the more essential campaigning and lobbying.

Almost all of the money that has been raised through merchandise sales and donations has been spent on printing flyers, posters, our Vision document and other marketing materials as well as general administration fees. Once we have an agreed site for the project we will be able to draw on funding from the developer and make our own applications to funding bodies such as the Heritage Lottery Fund. But in the meantime we have to continue our fund-raising efforts.

Our legal advisers Richard Buxton Environmental & Public Law have kindly agreed to work on a reduced hourly rate, but even in these circumstances, we now owe around £1,500.

We desperately need help from our supporters to cover these costs. We know that this is not the best time of year to be asking people for money, but every little counts! 

How can you help? 

  • buy our merchandise! You can buy a Lenox tote bag at Ralph’s Greengrocers, 77 Deptford High Street with all the money going direct to the Lenox Project. If you can’t get to Deptford, contact us on buildthelenox@gmail.com or go to http://www.buildthelenox.org/contact/ for details of how to buy online. We also still have a limited number of Deptford 500 T-shirts for sale.
  • organise a fundraiser for us! Can you organise a cake or craft sale, an auction or a christmas collection on our behalf? We can provide Lenox Project flyers or posters, and we can promote the event through our website, blog or email newsletter if you give us at least a week’s notice. We will also acknowledge your contribution through our website and social media.
  • tell your friends! Please share our website and Facebook page with your friends and colleagues, we need to reach as many people as we can at this time.
  • do you know of any local businesses or organisations that have charity funds we can apply for? Please let us know via buildthelenox@gmail.com

If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear them!

Lenox Core Team A (BW) LR

Most importantly, thank you from the core team at the Lenox Project for your help and support so far. We will continue to fight for as long as we can for what we believe is a worthwhile cause. We are continually heartened by the feedback we get from our supporters all around the world; it means a lot to us.

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