Lewisham’s sustainable development committee acknowledges benefits of the Lenox Project

Minutes from the 11 July meeting of Lewisham Council’s Sustainable Development Select Committee underline the whole-hearted support that this committee gave to the project after considering a report and receiving a presentation from members of the Build the Lenox group.

A number of recommendations were made, which will be put before the Mayor & Cabinet at their meeting next week.

These were:

– The Committee recommends that the Mayor write to Li Ka-Shing, Chairman of the Board of Hutchison Whampoa to urge a meeting between the developer and the Build the Lenox group.

– The Committee recommends that a review be carried out by planning officers to determine what support can be given to the Build the Lenox group to assist in achieving the Lenox vision.

– The Committee acknowledges the potential lasting benefits the Build the Lenox project might bring to the borough, including the employment, heritage, tourism, training and education initiatives it should help to create. The Committee also acknowledges that the project could help to create an iconic destination for tourists from around the world.

– The Committee acknowledges the success of similar projects in regenerating towns and cities across Europe.

– The Committee urges the Mayor to work jointly with the office of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly to support the project.

– The Committee welcomes efforts by the Build the Lenox team to encourage the builders of the L’Hermione in Rochefort, France to visit the borough and share their experiences of building a replica warship

– The Committee notes the relevance of sections of the Council’s core strategy,
specifically section 4B of the spatial strategy for regeneration areas, which relate to community well being.

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